Shower thought – beliefs

Make sure what you believe in is real and make sure it believes in you. Do you hope from one plane of imagination to the next? Can we be one with ourselves? Can we be true to what is needed?

The pieces of it all – Poem

I slowed down and appreciated my limits... ... And suddenly I was the universe. My heart opened and was lush and full of feeling and life that had been absent. No longer bending my way through a dark world. But a traveler. A witness. I related each thing and idea to me: I am it … Continue reading The pieces of it all – Poem

Isaac Neva: MY music Performance – Vocal and Composition

Need some music? Here's an album I performed and some songs I wrote as well! You should like it if you like songs that deal with a lot of emotional conflict or strong resolutions with positive emphasis. Thank you,Enjoy!May your soul take flight...

Wanting something

Do I know what I want? Am I unhappy or do I just not see the forest from the trees? What do I want? For me it’s mindful reflection. Without reflection I am just a thing that does or doesn’t. I don’t need anything or want anything. Without reflection the weather patterns of my mind … Continue reading Wanting something

My Evil Twin: Draft 1

What if you had the focus of an evil version of your self? What could be gained by acknowledging one's dark self's strengths? What would my evil twin be like? I think I'd be really manipulative and selfish consciously. I'd enjoy hurting people's feelings a lot. I'd try to ask people to question their sense … Continue reading My Evil Twin: Draft 1

Leon, The Professional- Movie Scene Analysis: When My Way is Threatenened

Warning, murder scene Depiction of blood... Dead child acting. The villain, Stansfield has just carried out execution of a family to make an example out of them. In this scene a child returns to find her family murdered and still being inspected by the killers: corrupt cops. We don’t have much difference between this … Continue reading Leon, The Professional- Movie Scene Analysis: When My Way is Threatenened

Special opportunity: goal guidance counseling

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Sephiroth’s Greatest Power? Why Sephiroth is such an Icon

Yay for Smash fans, but this is not just fan work where it's all happy. This is character analysis on a psychological basic level. You ready for this? If you like to analyze your weaknesses to future proof I have a treat for Sephiroth Fans. I can summerize Sephiroth's shock and awe factor for me … Continue reading Sephiroth’s Greatest Power? Why Sephiroth is such an Icon