Wolverine Has The Edge

Wolverine Has The Edge

You can’t succeed without a little fear. It explains why this guy (Wolverine, although fictional) is an utter beast when it comes to getting things done. What’s to fear from having an incredible body and super healing you ask?
Some scientist woke you up decades ago and you remember nothing before then. Oh, of course you aren’t scared. You just inherited one of the most deadly and powerful combinations of science and genetics ever envisioned. But it wasn’t a choice you remember making. This makes wolverine the beast. This creates chaos. He is going to rip off everyone’s arms because if he falls asleep, there’s a really good chance he’ll never wake up on this side of the oceans surface.
By the way, would he survive if he was sunk to the bottom of the ocean? Can he even swim? Wouldn’t that make adamantium hollow? Anyway. Bird claw man is extremely motivated and i’m suggesting that the quiet simple life we want causes stagnation.
Anyone ever get angry? You suddenly are likely to do things that are unreasonable… and hard! Wow! For me I feel like much of my emotional motivation is in some forgotten closet, waiting to be worn, should occasion present. So why not learn to use it to do some good? What?
Were you planning on doing nothing with your life?
Ooops, someone looks upset šŸ˜‰
I was talking with someone and I got in an argument. It didn’t help that I’d run out of sleeping meds the other night and couldn’t sleep. For the next few days, there was this energy I hadn’t felt in a long time. I could actually plan a long term goal and accomplish it. I would have probably not posted this except I realized how fing valuable this information is. Maybe it’s the source to all my problems, dreams, and asperations! Asparations! Aspirations! Hah!
Get on your war path!


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May 8, 2014 · 10:27 PM

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