Be selfish to your self by being selfless


first remember not being very physical


enjoyed that


front of the hiking group when I was little



frustration I wasn’t able to compare myself to others

road of self comparison



long break


practiced mindfulness

learn to distinguish where I was and where I thought I should be.

noticed what it was like to not push forward and trail-blaze my own best.

defiled my experience by pushing so hard

ruined expectations and lead to skepticism and disappointment

so i ran to experience running

just to run.

I couldn’t do it on my own, needed medication to help my mind stay calm

built a mind that was volital and had a poor self image.

I calmed down and was firm with others that I needed help.

I feel such peach now. To be able to be at peace with my own effort. to enjoy

my life craft is the greatest feeling in the world. Lasting.

I want to help others be selfless. To be selfless to them selves.

run as little as possible while being as open to my experience


thought had to power through


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