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Wolverine Has The Edge

Wolverine Has The Edge

You can’t succeed without a little fear. It explains why this guy (Wolverine, although fictional) is an utter beast when it comes to getting things done. What’s to fear from having an incredible body and super healing you ask?
Some scientist woke you up decades ago and you remember nothing before then. Oh, of course you aren’t scared. You just inherited one of the most deadly and powerful combinations of science and genetics ever envisioned. But it wasn’t a choice you remember making. This makes wolverine the beast. This creates chaos. He is going to rip off everyone’s arms because if he falls asleep, there’s a really good chance he’ll never wake up on this side of the oceans surface.
By the way, would he survive if he was sunk to the bottom of the ocean? Can he even swim? Wouldn’t that make adamantium hollow? Anyway. Bird claw man is extremely motivated and i’m suggesting that the quiet simple life we want causes stagnation.
Anyone ever get angry? You suddenly are likely to do things that are unreasonable… and hard! Wow! For me I feel like much of my emotional motivation is in some forgotten closet, waiting to be worn, should occasion present. So why not learn to use it to do some good? What?
Were you planning on doing nothing with your life?
Ooops, someone looks upset 😉
I was talking with someone and I got in an argument. It didn’t help that I’d run out of sleeping meds the other night and couldn’t sleep. For the next few days, there was this energy I hadn’t felt in a long time. I could actually plan a long term goal and accomplish it. I would have probably not posted this except I realized how fing valuable this information is. Maybe it’s the source to all my problems, dreams, and asperations! Asparations! Aspirations! Hah!
Get on your war path!


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May 8, 2014 · 10:27 PM

Climb High

You can do anything. Anything else is explicit and cannot be phrased except for me to say…
the degree you can approach a situation isn’t related to how “hard” you fight.

It’s in how you accept it, if you accept it. Animals in nature cannot evolve if they are not flexible. The monkeys who were willing to climb the trees found  the fruit where others did not bother.

Life perseveres. You are evidence of that. May you persevere in the coldest of winters if it is your fulfillment.

So go up there because you IS da tree climbing monkey!

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Shower Box

I don’t know if you are one of those people who zones out ever, but I usually do this as often as possible. I was just getting back from some biking at the gym (note how excited Isaac sounds), I had just gotten in the shower and I was looking at the yellow tiles on the floor. I really hadn’t taken anything else of significance in, but oddly there was something that was important about that experience where I actually cared about my surroundings. I think at that moment I realized that I’ve lived too many days like that, where I can’t remember anything leading up to something important. I think it’s a fairly normal process where we just over simplify our environment so that we save energy. I don’t know if you know about this but apparently there was a movie, Rain Man, based off of a real guy who could memorize phone books, don’t quote me on that bit, but other parts of his development were a little bit shy of completion.

So it was just kind of funny; finding myself staring at the the germ covered floor, drawing me in rather than anything of actual note. It’s like, “Wow, here I am channeling my brain to observe the hardly typical conversation piece… but what the halibut, it’s kinda fun.” 🙂

So, “hi.” Isaac here of Might Be Write, haven’t quite decided if that should have spaces or not, but I just thought that, well yeah, focusing on shower tiles is probably not what people are paying me to write about (oh, how I wish). If it was than this site would have a VERY different look to it. (Do you ever see those random stickers with silhouettes of ladies on trucks?) Actually if reading about someone in the shower is actually fascinating to you; -oh, dear! what have I done to my beautiful readers? Well those of you who haven’t graduated from the bathtub to the shower, let me lay it out for you: Showers do exist. Just like Santa. Oh yes they do. And some people actually use themwithout clothes on.

Behold, the truth.

So if you managed to read the last paragraph without chortling for too long then you are with me… I think… Hopefully. Moving on.


Maniging to focus on something totally inconsequential, I found myself going, “Wow, what a minor detail,” but actually it’s a really BIG detail. In writing you have to learn what makes it into your story and what won’t. Obviously photographs of a room included in a book would be a little more visually accurate, but where is the fun in that? Deciding what to include is a skill: obviously I’m still working on it because all of you people are probably going, “Uh, Isaac?”

P. S. Thank you for stumbling upon my humble, humble blog! 🙂
Tell your friends about this or… idk else! lol
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