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Be selfish to your self by being selfless


first remember not being very physical


enjoyed that


front of the hiking group when I was little



frustration I wasn’t able to compare myself to others

road of self comparison



long break


practiced mindfulness

learn to distinguish where I was and where I thought I should be.

noticed what it was like to not push forward and trail-blaze my own best.

defiled my experience by pushing so hard

ruined expectations and lead to skepticism and disappointment

so i ran to experience running

just to run.

I couldn’t do it on my own, needed medication to help my mind stay calm

built a mind that was volital and had a poor self image.

I calmed down and was firm with others that I needed help.

I feel such peach now. To be able to be at peace with my own effort. to enjoy

my life craft is the greatest feeling in the world. Lasting.

I want to help others be selfless. To be selfless to them selves.

run as little as possible while being as open to my experience


thought had to power through


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Shaving the Guilt

If your beard gets too long you will go insane… In a game I played? jeez!
I don’t know what it is but having to get up in the morning has a huge impact on the day. There is something about it. Simultaneously, however, I frequently struggle with getting out of bed. Yeah, I said it. I wasn’t always like that. There was a mental shift somewhere. Back in high school, what was I doing every morning? Waking up at six in the morning. I would even wake up that early on Saturdays in collage, to my roommates eternal annoyance, which was probably a big factor for why I did it.
“Why are you up so early?!” He’d ask from under his covers.
“I just don’t like wasting time.” I’d say.
Returning to present day, there is somewhere, lurking in my subconscious, that person who was both positive and punctually awake: what the heck changed?
A couple of school assignments should send someone to their polar-opposite. It was something more than that. But I wouldn’t know for years.
Just today I was sleeping in, had rejected a proposal to hang out, and was dreading a trip to the bakery with yet another friend. I had changed so drastically yet was suffering internally because I had all the same dreams but my expectations had shifted.
Finally getting to the shower, shaving a very lame and haggerd face, I contemplated my dreary fate. “What changed, bro?” Life was slowly loosing meaning.
“Don’t be afraid to take that time for yourself.” Said a friend soothingly. “Be that Meth addict.” Said another with surprising resonance. Disclaimer: That was a Breaking Bad reference. Don’t do drugs.
I’d slumped into a couch, trying to not be noticed. Two friends came up to me. That’s the worst, when you know people notice you aren’t well. Lion tamers would not look into my eyes the way they did. That is what it takes. The helped me sooth my troubled mind. I realized I could do what I was doing. But I could blame myself for it. I’d have to learn how to become one with my emotions. Not objectifying their validity or my sanity.
If you decide you are crazy then every thought after that decision becomes a negative force in your thinking. You tear yourself down. It doesn’t help. Try to notice if you have decided you are crazy. Invalid. Worthless. You’ll save yourself the trouble of shaving off guilt instead of just a beard.

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Choose Empowement

To be sitting here today, writing this, that I understand my depression, I never thought it possible so soon.
It has come to my attention that I had chosen to forgo living in pain, drama aside, and to be miserably trapped by the downward spiral that has savaged it’s way in and out of my crazy adventure known as life. One does not always understand what scares oneself and therefore we often create our own worst demons in our haste to escape terror.
A game I enjoy, for its theme of an unwittingly enslaved humanity, illustrates how wretched our existence becomes if we forget we always own our agency. In the game a popular soft drink is used by evil forces to render a less alert herd of humans, forever fueling a perpetual system of consumption and regression in exchange for a waning buzz, illusive consequences, and false promises. Becoming an addict to video games, drugs, and other pleasures isn’t just a distraction, it’s an illusion that says the desires inside ourselves rule our actions. We forget our passions for truth and inner peace, begin to float adrift, off course. The wise king slumps to the castle floor of the mind and the court jester of impulsiveness and rueful whims seemingly take the throne. But if we are a wise ruler, we understand that all the fear in the world is within, not external. We listen, thinking safety will be awarded once we shrug off responsibility or ambition. But it never comes to us as the death rattle of our aspirations haunt us in every moment of ignoring the path to a better future.
I am in control. It feels so reassuring to believe that again. To write it and know it. If I’m careful, events past won’t happen again.

More to follow on Might Be Write.


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If It’s Not Fun, Get It Done!

Doing what is right: an onward rock that you dribble between your feet as you journey forward. It’s like a golf ball. You have to hit it like you mean it or the ball won’t make it into the hole the size of a penny in comparison to the other part of the field.


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Climb High

You can do anything. Anything else is explicit and cannot be phrased except for me to say…
the degree you can approach a situation isn’t related to how “hard” you fight.

It’s in how you accept it, if you accept it. Animals in nature cannot evolve if they are not flexible. The monkeys who were willing to climb the trees found  the fruit where others did not bother.

Life perseveres. You are evidence of that. May you persevere in the coldest of winters if it is your fulfillment.

So go up there because you IS da tree climbing monkey!

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Cry to Go On

I’ve recently been doing some personal revising. There is this thing called “hard work.” For me, hard work is like a foreign exchange student. I’ve seen him around on campus once or twice but we don’t talk all that much. I’ve been going over what it means to work hard and how hard that is. I’ve been given opportunity to live and I plan to make the most of it, no matter the challenges along the road.
I realized that life isn’t just hard because you have to make tons of decisions. Life is tough because some decisions you shouldn’t make. Really. You are walking through the bog of uncertainty and occasionally you tell yourself you need to plop down onto a couch and think. That’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. Rest is weak. Really. You will never be successful if you give yourself the opportunity to quit.
I want you to watch this video and think about where you are at right now. Do whatever you think next. You can do it.
“Don’t cry to quit, cry to go on!”
-Eric Thomas


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Taking back your creative brain

Creativity is one of the most enjoyable experiences a person can have in my opinion and it saddens me when it seems like I have reached my limit, run out of ideas, or done nothing but scrunch up my face disparagingly. So, if you are like me and are trying to embark on the route to a renewal of your creative spring, step this way and we’ll talk about ways you can free up your schedule of periodic, “face scrunch” routines.

If you are one of those people who loves writing or any other form of creative expression you might have stumbled on this little problem:

“I want to produce pieces that are likable and that I can share with people.”

“I want to make something good and 100% original… so why can’t I?”

Well just think about that for a bit: you want something good and that has never been done before. Now there is nothing wrong with that but hey, maybe you can’t come up with any ideas that fit those lofty goals or you can and they seem all like they have been done before. You might want a hero in your story who is cool and brave and carries a sword. You might want a Harrison Ford gunslinger. It doesn’t really matter but if you are like me than it might be really easy to flip out and scream to yourself, “What is the point of doing it again? Didn’t some guy in his mom’s basement just write something like that?” I’m holding out for myself because I’m in that situation for the moment, bless her soul.

So if the prospect of writing something that is already done doesn’t sound pleasant or you have doubts about your ability to succeed, read on because you are in the “write” place.

Lets start over. What is an example of success that we all know? You want to go way back to “the good stuff?” Boom! Ancient Greeks are wearing togas all around you! There are men drinking wine or maybe they are gathered around a camp fire of sorts and somebody goes:

“Hey Dascus!”


“Tell us a story about that one time you went to steal milk from that neighbor’s cows and you slipped off a mountain side?”

“Well actually, that wasn’t me, that was my brother.”

“Oh, well, were is he at?”


I’d say that sounds like a pretty good story, (even if I just made it up and Grecian domestication of cows may or may not be factual) but the point is people have always been interested in things that have some root in reality and you might get an idea in an unexpected form.

Start: Set some basic structure for plot and write. This is how I write. I often obsess over how I think the story will need to be and whether it matches the mold in my head: often it just gets dumped. This is a very unforgiving and unpleasant way to proceed but it is just for practice. I have yet to meld the free flowing sensation I experience with premeditated organizing. But my theory is that the more frequently you experience your personal imagination process, the easier it gets to organize.

Did you do it already? Did you enjoy thinking in your mind’s eye?

Realize: Turn that thought into something tangeble by actually illistrating or expressing the idea. It can be drawn, sung, sculpted, painted, or realized in any form just as long as it’s something you think you think you can handle. “Finger-painting skills, don’t fail me now!”

If I start with a mental image about my character and submerse become myself into that reality, pages of literary description follow. Really what I should do is hop over and proceed without caution towards the safety rails of my normal, boring mind and jump.
If entering a world that may only exist in your mind is something you want to make a habit of, bring a notepad along because otherwise you might not recall it very vividly. Also I think it will be easier for you to proceed. You have to dare yourself to liberate from the familiar. You have to want to get soaked in rain that is alien to you, maybe climb the tallest tree in a land that has yet to receive a name. Basically, just do it.

Don’t trick yourself into, procrastinating the joyous experience of taking a ride of a lifetime. The reward of hearing and feeling in another realm is worth it but bring it to paper or a computer screen for others to enjoy with you. That is why we are here, after all.

Finally, you must be willing to commit to routine spelunking in the depths of your mind. It will be a labor and a reward at the same time. The same goes for any hobby or goal. Focus on experiencing rather than perfectionism.

I promise you though that with enough time and patience, you will emerge victorious.

The ability to think is one of the human attributes. Cherish that power to create something within your own soul and let it extend out to become something that will shape the world.

If you are trying to go for the worlds newest and most fresh character you have to let go of any insecurities you might have. Know that what is inside you is more valuable than any other criticism that you might supply out of fear or lack of patience.

What gets me feeling really happy is when I am able to just mess around inside of my own ideas, letting them grow and flourish.

I hope that the person reading this understands that even this article did not come out perfectly the first time.

Being unafraid to tell the Truth as you know it.


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