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Unreal Creation

Welcome to my world. 

So I’ve been experimenting with Unreal Engine 4. It’s very interesting and pretty intuitive once you get correct instruction. Sources include the YouTube channel by the same name or various other videos and the official site.

More later!


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Life goes on

So I have been through a few things. I went into treatment last year I think. My memory is the best. I had ECT or electro convulsive therapy to treat my depression. It’s much more humane than it sounds or so I’m told as I was unconscious. 

After the first treatment they asked if I felt better and I said, “I can’t remember.” ECT affects the short term memory I believe it’s called. It’s like pressing reset on what you’ve been doing for the past while. I’m not sure how long that is because, ding ding, I can’t remember. 

After a couple months at treatment centers I was relocated to Discover Center, formally known as Ascend. 

I met five other guys whose names I will change. 

Will add more later

  1. Bye for now

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 Just uploaded my first video of myself on YouTube for a new channel I’m doing to meet fantasy writers, like myself. 

Link is here:


I want to get to know people who are interested in giving feedback or getting feedback. 

I’m also going to look for people to collab with on projects like videos or writing pieces, probably fantasy. 
Lemme know, thanks!

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This isn’t my title…

This is not my story. 

It’s ours. We have a profound impact on each other you and me though we’ve never met. 

You are trying to get by in this world and I am too. But I need your help. Like you need mine.

You build a brighter future for me by living your dreams for it is by your light I find my way. 

You lay in bed, maybe on a couch, or a car at night waiting for tomorrow and I wait eagerly to continue our life together. 

Thank you

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An Epic Search For Truth

Why reading a comicbook that hurts your brain is enjoyable

1+1=2 but why?

In a world full of uncertainty, a young man falls in love with the certainty of math… until he finds out some of mathematical foundation rests upon faith. Suddenly the core of his identity is placed under scrutiny as he finds that uncertainty is part of his life and it begins to affect him in ways that lead to the foundation of modern technology. This piece deals with many issues like mental health, fidelity, rationalism and more. Very easy to understand for a relatively complex subject, I recommend this book for anyone interested in a dramatic exploration of reality.

The art style is nothing to put up at the Louvre, but more than adaquately serves to frame a philosophical journey of Bertrand Russell, notable mathematician, logician, philosopher, and winner of a Nobel Peace Prize. Responsible for a famous paradox, an indirect founder of the modern computer and a prominent anti-war activist but never the less “champion[ed] humanitarian ideals and freedom of thought” during the decision of America (or is it Britain?) to join World War I, Russell shows the reader that you can go far when you set your mind to it.

The graphic novel begins with an introduction by the creators in comic panel style, giving a modern connection to the retelling of events of Professor Russell. Using this link, the creators forge an iconic vision of what it means to foster free thought. With patience and respect for this bold intention, this book is for you.

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Protected: Getting Trolled at Work

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Run Your Day, -NOT from it!

It’s likely that I never have had a gift for thinking positive for very long periods. It’s also likely that this is something I could change. I wish I had done this sooner. Years go by and still things are unfinished. You don’t do what you want because you think it is hard and so you run away. Flee. Hide under some rain soaked leaves in an autumn forest in the twilight before hope has risen. It’s a ghost like┬áexistence┬áthat is a haunting unto itself, you, the liver. -The person who lives, not ┬áthe organ for filtering bile. If you feel like a liver you are dealing with problems this blog will not attempt to handle. Make no mistake. Everyone who reads this is of interest in the fact that I want to help. I know I made mistakes and I want people to learn what they can from my humble thoughts and to succeed. In whatever way they are deemed.
I once thought of myself and how I dealt with stress in a better manner. I didn’t fear consequence. I didn’t doom myself with poor choices that would not only keep me from feeling comforted and secure, but I actually dealt myself a blow to my ego that was much worse than just a ‘bad day.’ I trained myself to believe that I shouldn’t try because I would always fall short in some way.
Like all plans that we make, this one had a flaw: I always believed that I deserved to have a chance to live me dreams. I felt God in my life in such a powerful way just yesterday responding to me resolve to change. My resolve would be to remember my savior, Jesus Christ. Always.
I had often wondered what it meant to always remember Him. I decided I would try it. I had nothing to go off of but that faith in my efforts to do the right thing for unselfish reasons and to help others. Many other people do this. This is different. I have never heard of this happening but I’m sure that psychologically it isn’t all that rare. Many become priests or just serve others in their own way of saying thanks to those they hold dear and in high regard. I can honestly say, however that a new demension of my life unfolded: the possibility to do the right thing and to know it was the right thing. Christ prayed to his father in heaven. And so I did as well. I asked for His mercy and help to gain the strength I needed to flip my life around. Now I would not say I’m dealing with issues that are considered… well, actually, I’m human… I have trials. I don’t want to do the right thing all the time. I sat down twice in front of my computer instead of doing chores. No, I’m not hard on myself. Yes, it is a lot to learn, but I can because I believe that it’s been done and it was done because it’s the only way to do it.
Today I woke up and did whatever that was good that popped into my mind. I didn’t have to figure out what videogame to play till the chair had been rubbed smooth… which isn’t likely but basically I have been playing for a while

That’s all for now.

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